Monday, July 8, 2013

True confessions: Paul isn't Paul's name

     Yep, you read right.  Paul isn't actually Paul.  In real life, his name is Paulie.  When we adopted him from the SPCA (here) his name was Paulie and it's what he answered to. (It's also what he still answers to)

     Why do I call him Paul in Blogville, though?  In Blogville, you don't actually hear me calling him to get a treat, or dinner, or to go for a walk.  When I say "Paulie" it sounds like I'm saying "Polly," and most people then start referring to Paul as "she."  I usually stop and correct anyone who calls him a her and point out that Annie is the girl wearing a pink collar and Paul is the boy with the blue collar.  (I'm not trying to prepetuate the stereotype, quite honestly that's the only reason they wear the colored collars they wear.)

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  1. We have the issue with despite Miss M's very bright pink collar and leash, she is always getting called a boy.