Monday, July 29, 2013

A tail to tell....

     Most of you who read this blog realize by now that I'm an elementary school teacher.  And while my heart beats for rescued dogs, it pounds for kids who fight against all odds.   Today's post is about one of those kids:
     I've never met her, and because she just turned 4 this past Friday, neither her name nor her picture will appear here.  Her and her families privacy is being factored into this post.  But, quite honestly, she could be any young child in any hospital anywhere in the world.  She's the grandchild of one of my mother's coworkers and she has been diagnosed with leukemia.  It's bad enough that she spent the first month post diagnosis in the hospital.  The port used for receiving her chemo treatments is in her neck.  For most other patients, their chest is used.
     She's home now, going to the hospital when she needs to for doctors appointments, treatments, and the like.  But because her immune system is so compromised by cancer, she can't do anything a "normal" 4 year old would do.  That cool new movie from Pixar about the racing snail, the family is waiting for it to come out on DVD.  The local swimming pool and swimming lessons are off limits.  Running around at the playground?  Don't even think about it!
     And, funny enough, the mail carrier is her hero.   She's a "normal" kiddo when it comes to getting mail just for her.  Never mind the fact that is has be to be put in the freezer for a week or 2 first to kill any germs that may come with the mail.  It's her's after that because it came in the mail for her.
     Like the rest of us, she loves puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats.  So the first thing to get tossed into the mail for her was a bunch of puppy and kitten stickers.  The next thing that will go into the mail in a weeks time is a collection of pics of Annie and Paul.  If anyone else is interested in e-mailing me things to put into an envelope for her and mailing them off, AnnieNPaulMom at gmail dot com.  Thank you.  

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  1. The boys have their own note cards, can you share her first initial and I'll have them write something to her and get it to you??