Monday, June 4, 2012

My Favorite Paul Story

In honor of Corbin's Birthday, I'm adding to the Blogville Pitty Post Day.

(Picture from Corbin's Blog, Oh, Corbin)

     While many people I know are terrified of Paul for the simple reason of "he's a pit mix", I've seen a completely different side of Paulie from day 1.

     When we chose to adopt Annie, it was summer for me and my husband was working full time.  She had come from a foster that had 2 dogs and 2 cats for siblings and she was NOT happy being an only pup.  About August she started giving me the "oh, it's you" look.  So we decided to get her a friend.  After looking at different shelters and getting heartbroken over a few different pups, we ended up at the Richmond SPCA.  After 3 dogs, in came Paulie.

     He and Annie spent some time sniffing each other before she went for the play bow, leashes were dropped and they were running back in the small hallway sniffing at things.  But before I could take Paulie home with us, he still had to meet the hubs, who was at work at the time.  I put in the request for Paul to be on a 24 hour hold, told Dexter that night about him, and dragged Dexter up to the SPCA the following night.  

     Please let me set the stage for a moment: Dexter's a big guy.  He's 6 foot and 200 pounds of solid bone and muscle.  I love bringing him into class because his very presence scares the kids.  Which is hilarious because he's such a gentle giant.

    So, I run into the SPCA about an hour before closeing find the person who was working the adoption the night before, and introduce Dexter to him.  We go into the same small hallway from the night before and Paulie comes through the door tail wagging.  He ran to Annie and sniffed her like, "hey, I remember you", came to me and got petted, and slowly made his way over to Dexter.

     Dexter bent down to pet Paul.  Paul flipped onto his back, which Dexter took to mean "rub my belly".  The second Dexter's hand touched Paul's belly, Paul peed all over Dexter.  

     Dexter took Paul to the gift shop to pay the adoption fee and snag a collar and leash (Lupine purchase number 1) while I filled out the paper work, got a 7 day supply of seperation anxiety drugs (what?), and read the paperwork detailing him as an "All American Mixed Breed"(Michael Vick's dog fighting trial was about to begin a few miles from this SPCA) , and listened to his list of fears (elevators, stairs, bouncy balls, and a possible fear of cars.  I still remember thinking, how are we getting him home if not in a car)

    We got our new dynamic duo out the parking lot, unlocked the car, and opened the doors.  Paul pancaked onto the blacktop and peed a 2nd time.  I picked up Annie (she got car sick before we got Paul) and put her into the car and went to pick up Paul, just as Annie jumped out.  Picked up Paul to put him into the car to have him pee all over me, the car seats, and Dexter.  Promptly put Paul back on the ground and proceeded to giggle uncontrollably.  

     I picked Annie back up and Dexter picked up Paul (more pee) I put Annie into the car and crawled in behind her to keep her in the car as Paul was put in the car behind me and the door quickly closed.  I crawled from the back seat to the front (2006 Honda Civic), giggling the entire time.  We pulled out of the parking lot excited for Annie's new friend and onto I-95 South.  

Paul, we found out was afraid of the musical instruments in this picture.
     Somehow, Paul took my climbing from the back seat to the front seat as something he should try doing on I-95 at the end of rush hour traffic.  We spent the half hour drive home trying not to allow him to sit on Dexter's lap.  (We joke now that Paul ate the memo saying he's not a lap dog).  So Paul spent most of the drive to the new house running from the back seat (with Annie trying not to puke) to the front seat to look out the front window and back slobbering the whole time.  

     I tell this story each year to my students when I have to teach them how to use the online writing tools. It's a quick way of teaching them how to do a rough draft on the computer about a memorable event.  By the time I finish the mini lesson, they're rolling on the floor with laughter over Paul, know how to use spell check, and the tab button, and have a different view of Pitt bulls than they came in with.  I've also had a few colleagues who have invited me to their homes with Paul just to see him scared of something and pee on their floor.  (For the record, I haven't taken anyone up on this offer)

Paul at the dog park (Why I love rainy days, it was just him and Annie).

     Any of my co-workers who ask me, "how can you own a pitt?  Aren't you afraid he's going to turn on you and kill you?"  I just lean back and think of all of the pee on that first day, and I can't help but laugh.  


  1. Hello there- usually my two Beagles, Shiloh'n Shasta "do" the commenting and blogging but I thought I would be the first to comment and do a little intro. First, I want to say WELCOME to Blogville and thank you for linking up for Pitty Post Day since that is how I found your blog - oh, Team Beaglebratz is now following you too. Your two "kids" are beautiful and I'm not just saying that because Annie is a Beagle.(?) Paul is beautiful - I love his markings, especially on his head/face. I know all about a dog peeing in certain situations - I have the most problem with that from Shiloh - Shasta did it once when a pup but with Shiloh, even now you just never know when it will happen. I have never owned a Pitty but if I could, wouldn't hesitate - I know that it is the owner who make Pitties the world's most misunderstood breed - not the dog.

    I need to go for now - gotta work tomorrow and I get up at 5am. If you have a chance, stop on by Team Beaglebratz - we all love comments. I will be back as soon as I can.
    Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

    1. Hey Kim! Congratulations and thank you! You are my first comment of the whole blog!
      Annie her self has an interesting story. Short version, we were told she's a beagle, but she's a (we think) fox hound mix. Take a beagle and give them twice the height. Suddenly every snack on the counter top is in reach, and she loooves it! Her foster family had 2 beagles, so she missed the memo telling her she's not short.

    2. For some reason Blogger is not allowing me a regular comment box so I had to comment this way. I did read the ost about Annie being a Foxhound mix? They do look so much like Beagles if you can't tell the height. Shiloh is full Beagle - got him from the breeder and he is registered BUT he is a Big Boy - maybe if I had neutered him when he was younger like 3 or 4 months but I waited til he was almost fully grown. He is 16 inches tall and very stocky - big boned whereas Shasta is my smaller little girl at 14 inches and more fine boned. To me that is a little weird since one of Shiloh's sister's was Shasta's mom.

      Ok - really gotta try to get to bed now - nice meeting you.
      Kim, S'n S

      PS - Shiloh is my counter surfer - can't leave anything edible on the table or the counter.