Friday, July 26, 2013

Ice Cream!!!

     Last year, when I was trying to start a dog treat company, I was often awake at 2 am to bake during the coolest part of the day.  This includes the 2 weeks of 100+ degree days when the "cool time" was 85.
     As a result, I figured out how to make puppy ice cream!  Ok, all honesty I call it ice cream, but it's more like frozen yogurt with peanut butter tossed in.  Besides popping it into ice cream cups, it can also be put into kongs or tuxes and frozen.

1 large (quart sized) container of plain yogurt
3 cups smooth creamy peanut butter
     Unsweetened apple sauce
     Canned pumpkin (not the one labeled for pumpkin pie)
     Strawberry/original cream cheese.

I'm lucky enough to have a stand mixer.  I tend to drop the yogurt in and let it smooth out with the mixer on low for a moment before I add in the peanut butter.  You can, of course, add in more or less peanut butter as above.  Let the mixer work on medium for a few moments blending the yogurt and peanut butter together.  Then add in any of the optional ingredients.  You want to add these in slowly about a half cup at a time.  The apple sauce and the canned pumpkin will thin the mix while the cream cheese will thicken it.

I use a cookie scoop when it's done being mixed to put it into ice cream cups that can be purchased at Michaels (the craft store) for about a buck or 2.  

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  1. Thanks for the recipe! Charlie must have liked it a lot because he gobbled it up! I will be making the little man some no doubt!