Monday, July 15, 2013

Dognomics: Consumption Smoothing

     When we first met Annie, she had 2 foster sisters, Belle and Sadie.  Annie didn't know it, but she was about to greatly offend Sadie by digging up chew's that Sadie had buried in the back yard.  It seems Sadie had kind of come across the idea of Consumption Smoothing all on her own.
Sadie in her back yard.

    To get this one, you kind of have to roll with the idea that while we humans use money, Sadie thought of her chew's as money.  She'd get a chew, sit down and work on it for a moment, then take the rest, sneak into the back yard, and burry it (save it).  A couple weeks later when no one was handing out chew's at that moment, Sadie would go into the back yard and dig up her old chew.  According to her Dad, D, it would look disgusting, but she'd act like it was the best think ever.  (kind of accumulated interest).
D with Annie on the left, Sadie the short tri colored one in the middle, Paul on the rightish, and who knows who on the far right.  D is loved by all of the beagles. 
     Annie would go into the back yard, and not realizing that Sadie was saving her chews, she'd dig them up and start chewing on them.  Sadie was less than pleased with Annie on these occasions.
     In short, consumption smoothing is when you put money aside for later.

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