Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So according Dr. Lori Pasternak of Helping Hands, one of Paul's teeth has an infection (discovered when he got his teeth cleaned on Monday).  So he's got an antibiotic he's taking twice a day for a week (included in the flat rate with teeth cleaning).  Annie's doing what Annie does in the summer: itch, itch, itch; so Benadryl for her.  I'm going through spoons full of peanut butter like crazy; so, for today, it's plain Lickety Split from 3 Dog Bakery to help the medicine go down.  Take a guess which one is for which.  Hint: think of their collar colors.


  1. Wow, how much does Annie weigh? Lily only gets one benadryl at a time, but she does only weigh about 25 pounds. Do you give Annie benadryl every day (during the summer)?

    Hope Paul's infection clears up soon!

  2. Yea, the pictures are deceiving. Annie weighs 68 pounds. So rather than trying to shave off 7 mg from the pill, I just up her dose a bit.

  3. Ahhhhhh yes, the days of benedryl! Jake just graduated to a prescription antihistamine, like his brother! Our poor, itchy dogs! Hope the meds kick in quick!