Friday, July 19, 2013

ABC Blog D & E

I'm not the worlds best cook/chef and I defiantly fly by the seat of my pants more times than I care to think of.  Dorie Greenspan has a great blog with lots of different tips and recipes and she's published several cook books along the way.
This is another micro blog .  They only blog on facebook and they average a post every few days.  Usually they're filled with cute pics and heartwarming tales of tails.  It's a nice surprise to find in your faebook feed when you've had a really bad day.

This is one of the blogs I love to read that has a small following.  Their based out of Erie, PA and they write about their dogs Tess and Edison.  (I Love the name Edison!).  

Elle is another micro blog about being a working therapy dog in Roanoke Rapids, NC.  She works in retirement communities, libraries, and anywhere else in her community. 

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