Friday, August 24, 2012

Walking the pups

     Ready or not, our school years are here.  (And contrary to the Staples commercial, it's not the most wonderful time of the year).  The Hubbs has moved on to working on his masters in economics (and you'll hear from him some about this later this semester), and I'm back to teaching elementary school kids.  Annie and Paul are back to getting up early, hanging out in their room all day, and being walked in the evening.  Sometime's there are 2 of us, sometime's there's 1 of us.
     If I'm by myself, I've got a bit of unique way of walking them using my old rock climbing harness.

Rock climbing harness on.  I've got the dogs leashes connected to the harness with a carabiner.  If they lunge after something at the same time (stray cats, squirrels, and bunnies; beware), they pull from below my center of gravity.   

Annie with her lupine harness on.  I've got her leash connected to her harness and my harness.

Paul with his lupine harness on.  He's more likely to lunge at a squirrel.  Once with hand held leashes, A&P both lunged at the same time and I went through the snow on my back.  

Not the best picture, but it's what I look like with the harness on.  Like I said, it's my old rock climbing harness, so it looks a bit dorky.  

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