Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Storms Part 2

We're presently under a Tornado Warning for the next half hour.  I know I've always been told go to the interior room of your house, but just short of a closet, we don't have one.  So Annie, Paul, and I are chilling in the bathroom (their least favorite room because they think they're getting a bath).  Paul keeps licking the cold tile floor (dear 1979, please tell me you didn't put anything in the tiles that would hurt Paul 30 some years later!)  I've got both of them wrapped in their thundershirts (and for dealing with a tornado, I wish I had one of my own).  According to the radar, we're only half way through this storm.  Some of the thunder has been awfully weird sounding (I can hear it through the pipes of our elevated ranch)
Please excuse the horrible picture, it was taken with Photo Booth on my MacBook Pro.  But eh, it works.

What does everyone else do with their pups when they're under sever weather warnings?

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