Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last day of summer

     Today is my last day of summer break.  So, what have Annie, Paul, and I done today?  Started out with an early morning walk through Carytown.  After the 2 miles we went to Stoney Point (the dog mall) to do 2 more miles of walking.  I think I firmly exhausted Annie & Paul though, the fell asleep on the floors of 2 Friends and took a nap on the floor of Tiffanies.  I'll make sure they get a nice long nap this afternoon while I run a few errands.
     My 2 legged kids (aka, my students) will be back at school on the 3rd, so I'll be in starting tomorrow to try and get the place ready.  Ready or not, here they come.
     Annie and Paul will go back to their school year routine of chilling in their room and listening to NPR all day.

Annie & Paul half way through a walk.

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  1. Yes! NPR for our pooches too! I always have so much anxiety going back to I will never be able to do anything in my free time ever again. We've been doing a lot of exploration and drinking lemonade on the porch to make sure we get our fill of summer!