Thursday, August 16, 2012

Carytown: Part 2 Food (version 2.5)

     At the far end of Carytown, across the street from Martins is Montana Gold Bread Company.  Fresh baked bread is the name of the game each and every day from Challah to Ukrainian Black Bread to Cheddar Garlic.  To be honest, I have yet to find a bread here that I don't like.  They've got a very nice staff as well.  If you show up with pups early in the morning while the bread is baking, wait for a slow moment in the store, and they will come out to wait on you.  If you're there later in the day after the bread is baked and everything is covered, you can bring fido into Montana Gold with you.  Either way, the staff is supper nice and the food is yummy!  Oh, and they have a club card too!

A few blocks up from Montana is Nacho Mama's.  (In the picture, Nacho Mama's is on the right half of the duplex with the sunshine at the top of their roof)  They've got a front porch for dining there, or you can eat inside if you'd rather.  If you look closely at the photo, you'll also see a painted dog by the yellow window shutters on the 2nd floor.  There will be more about the painted dogs tomorrow.   Once again, I've never eaten here, but I know they support Fetch a Cure.  If you're ever in RVA, give them a shot and let me know how they are.

     Obviously, this isn't a store that I take Annie and Paul into.  Their minds would go nuts in about 2 seconds and I know I'd be charging down the street carrying one and dragging the other to the emergency vet soon after.  That's not how anyone wants to spend the day or several hundred dollars.  I've been inside of For the Love of Chocolate before and it's heavenly.  I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, but when I get in the mood for it, this is one of the few places that will satisfy my sweet tooth.  In the summer, they try to keep the energy bills low by asking customers to pay attention to the signs on the doors and only use 1 side of their double doors.  They are next door to:

Jean-Jacques Bakery! (both are in the same plaza as Can Can)  Once again, I can't take Annie and Paul into the bakery.  (There is fresh bread out all over the place).  But they have a set of chairs and tables outside all the time for dining alfresco with fido.  The shops around them are friendly to the pups (The lady who was setting up the outside display of Janet Brown came over, petted, and talked to A&P the day we took these pictures.)  I showed up at 7ish one Saturday morning back in the spring.  While I was talking to the woman at the counter about shouting in an order and having it brought to me, the owners wife came over and held the leashes for me so i could run in and do the order.  She said that they had 2 dogs at home and that she understood what it was like to try to walk 2 dogs at the same time.  (While A&P are about the same size, her pups have a huge difference (great dane and a little pup that I can't think of the name of)).
     Ok, that should wrap up the tour of food in Carytown.  Not everything is dog friendly, but for the most part, they know they have customers with dogs, so they try to be accommodating.    Tomorrow's post will wrap up the rest of Carytown with the vet stuff (and this is the place has a lot of vet stuff in it).

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  1. I always love seeing how other people live with their dogs in other places. We too like shopping local, and it's fun for the pooches to come along and help us.