Thursday, August 9, 2012

Carytown: Part 2: Food! (2.0)

     As I wrote about here, Carytown has lots of great food.  And I must admit, I love good and unique food.  Some of it is dog friendly and some of it isn't.  There are places that your pup is more than welcome, and there are other places that are defiantly for people only.
     Basilis I wrote about last Friday on our Lunch post.  It's not quite fast food, but it's good Greek food served fast (our gyro and spanakopita were out in less than 5 minutes).  You can eat indoors (not dog friendly, but air conditioned) or you can eat at one of their 2 out door tables placed just at the front of the restaurant (dog friendly option).  The staff was also very cool about Annie and Paul.  They just went on about their business of bringing out Greek food and didn't freek out at all when they encountered 2 big dogs at one of the tables.

     Carytown Bistro & Coffee House I wrote about briefly on Monday's post Carytown Part 1. I've never eaten there myself, but every time I walk past there's at least 1 pup on their patio just hanging out with his person.  They've got a bowl of water out by the opening from the patio into the sidewalk.  When I googled it, Yelp had good things to say about it.

     Mom's Siam is one of the Tai restaurants in Carytown.  It's got great food, alcohol if you'd like, patio seating, 2 floors inside, and a friendly wait staff.  But if you're thinking of bringing your pups along for lunch or dinner, think again.  This is one of those places you can't bring your dog onto the patio.  Even though it's at the far end of Carytown, there's still enough foot, bike, stroller traffic to distract fido while he's waiting on the sidewalk for you to eat.  Like I said, it's great food, just leave your pup at home.

Remember how a few weeks ago I wrote about being excited for Carytowns 2.5 bakeries?  They've expanded to 4.5 bakeries and I'm even more excited now when I go there!  Dixie Donuts is one of the expansions.  They've got great donuts and it's usually busy.  So if you're planning on eating there, make sure you go with 2 people (one to hold the pups, one to grab the donuts.)  They are just across the street from Mom's Siam and you can park in their parking lot.

EEEKKK!!! ok, I have 3 more places to write about for the food, so I'm only half way through.  So I hate to do this, but watch Monday for part 2.5 of Carytown food!

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