Friday, August 3, 2012

Lunch Time

     On a typical day, the hubbs and I are over an hour away from each other for lunch time.  Between the after school clubs and evening classes, some nights dinner is a bowl of cereal  in front of our laptops.  So in the summer time, we make sure to eat together as often as possible.

     I'm kind of jealous when I read some blogs that have the family dogs tagging along on dinner out.  In Richmond, I'm not that lucky.  When we eat out, most places force you to eat on the patio (ok, not a problem) and leave your dogs off of the patio.  So Annie and Paul would have to stay on the sidewalk on the other side of the fence from the patio.  Which on one hand I understand, but on the other hand, that's a challenge for us. Strollers, bikers, and random
people just walking past can provide all sorts of distractions to good behavior.  Where if Annie and Paul could come onto the patio with us, we could go to a corner and keep they kind of corralled and out of harms way (and away from bugging other people).
More meat please!
     For the above reason, we opted for Basilis in Carytown.  This will sound absolutely weird, but with the Hubbs having grown up in Arizona on a rez where he'd eat mutton, Greek food is as close as he gets to home cooked food.  Between the gyros and the baklava, Basilis is one of our favorite places to eat.  While they don't have an outdoor patio per say, they've got 2 little tables outside that you can sit at.  We chose the one on the far left away from the entrance to the restaurant and away from any one else who'd want to sit outside and eat.  Because this isn't a food blog, I didn't take pictures of any of our food.  However, the gyro and the spanakopita were wonderful.
  After pouring some water into 2 bowls for the pups, Annie hung out with the Hubbs while eating small pieces of gyro meat.  Paul hung out over by me just stretched out on the sidewalk chilling out.  They stood quietly when other people walked past and even got petted by several children.
Spanakopita?  Can I have some of the meat instead?
     If you're ever in the Richmond, VA area and in the mood for Greek food, stop by.  It's a cute little diner with good food and good service!

(And in case you're wondering, we did share some of the meat from the gyro with Paul.  Onions were removed for both Annie and Paul.  I did try to share the spanakopita with Paul, but vegetables really aren't his thing.)

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