Monday, August 27, 2012


There's an old saying, never work with animals or children.  On a daily basis, I'm out of luck just by that saying.  Each day, I start out working with Annie and Paul, move on to working with children, and come home to Annie and Paul.
Blurry Annie with shinny eyes.
     Trying to take pictures of Annie most days is like pulling teeth.  She hears the camera even turn on and she bolts from where she's at, trying to find a hiding place.  She'll move from room to room turning her butt to the camera.  Hence, the reason you'll usually see more pictures of Paul on here than Annie.  Paul cheerfully sits for the camera especially if he thinks he'll get treats.  As a result, we have 2 different cameras for picture taking.

Blurry Paul with shinny eyes.

   At one point in time, the Hubbs was in the Navy.  While enlisted, he purchased a Pentax digital camera.  At the time, it was top of the line and quite snazy.  Now, I've got a 50/50 chance of the picture coming out blurry, or dark, or someone's eyes glowing (mine and the dogs both glow, and red eye reduction only works sometimes).   My biggest temptation to toss it into a river occurred during and after his college graduation.  Below is a picture of him receiving his diplomas.  Sadly, this is one of the better pictures we have of this event.
Hubbs is on the right.  

     My other present option is the camera in my MacBook Pro.  The one that goes along with the photobooth.  The good news is, if I put the computer on mute, Annie usually doesn't run from me when I take her picture.  There's also no red eye, and for the most part, no blurriness.  The downside is that it's a bit grainy depending on the light.  

Grainy, but it's Annie letting me snuggle on her. 

     So if you ever look at one of the pictures on here and wonder, "What where they thinking when they took that one?"  Now you know why.  Hopefully between now and the next college graduation, we'll purchase another camera that takes better pictures.  


  1. Hello =) This is my first time checking out your blog and I was intrigued by your post on cameras! I feel like the pictures that I post on my blog often look "low quality" because we either use our iPhone to take pictures (which if you're inside just makes the pictures look kind of blah), or we use our Cannon digital camera with no flash (Athena is so afraid of the flash that we can't use it). I want a new fancy camera so bad...but, they are so expensive!

  2. With the whole lomography movement, people are paying a lot of money for cameras that take photos looking like the graduation photo. Maybe you're just ahead of the curve!

  3. I think Annie's issue is with the sounds it makes. (it's a 10 year old camera) You can hear it chirp on, and the gears winding as it extends it's lens. Other friends of ours have taken pics and they've been great.