Friday, August 17, 2012

Carytown: Part 3: Vets

     There are lots of regular normal family vets all over the place just like there are all over America, but the thing that really makes Carytown stand out are the unique vets the area has.
An easy way to spot Helping Hands at any area festival are these hands.
      Helping Hands is one of the newer vets in the area (2 years that I know of).  Their entire way of thinking is how to make surgery for your pet affordable.  Too many times, Dr. Lori Pasternak and nurse Jacqueline Morasco saw people have to choose between surgery for their pet and food on the table for the kids.  HH does it's best to prevent "economic euthanasia" in this rocky economy.  Part of how this can be done is by providing surgery as out patient services and by volunteers that help the business run smoothly.  The medical staff is fully licensed, but pay attention the next time you're at your doctors office as to how many people do things that aren't the doctor that you see. (think: chart pulling, phone answering, showing you where to walk to get to your exam room, front desk workers, the cleaning staff)  Annie & Paul had their teeth cleaned here last summer and they did a fabulous job.  We had them  do blood work to make sure they'd be ok from the anesthesia, and everything went smoothly.  The nail trims were free (done while under anesthesia).  They are located next to the McDonalds in Carytown and have their prices (with medical terms and explanations)  on their website.

       Across the street from Helping Hands is Prevent a Litter (PAL).  They do not only spays and neutering, but they do the "normal" shots and tests as well for a really low prices!  I've met several people who take there pets there for their yearly check ups and shot updates and have heard only good things about them.  They do lots of fund raisers each year to help keep their costs low.  In the picture above, the sign is on the left side of the picture, but the white building on the right is Prevent a Litter.

     A block down from HH and PAL is the Veterinary Emergency and Surgery Center in Carytown.  They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Being an Emergency vet, they can run a bit more on the expensive side, but they are worth every penny when you're worried about your furiend.  They also provide cancer treatments and work with Fetch a Cure to help families get these needed services.  We have family friends who have used the services of VESC for their family dogs, "The biggest thing the VESC brought us was hope. When Cooper was diagnosed [with cancer] he was given 4-6 months. After losing Snowball [to cancer] last year, this was beyond devastating, we felt there was no hope.  When Dr. Fulmer sat down with us and outlined treatment options, we were suddenly given hope. Hope for more time; Hope for a year or perhaps two, or maybe even Cooper's natural lifespan. I still get beyond nervous for check ups, but Dr. Fulmer and the staff keep providing hope and treat our boy and us with love and care. We're almost 8 months post-diagnosis now.... we pray we will have years to come."

     We're also lucky to have Fetch a Cure in Richmond.  I spoke yesterday about the metal dog on the roof of Nacho Mama's.  Each year, one of the fund raisers that Fetch a Cure does is sell these metal dogs to different business around town to be decorated.  

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