Friday, April 19, 2013

Tux instead of Kongs

     A few weeks ago, I talked about how to wash your dogs Kong collection to help clean during a run of the stomach bug.  If you look at the first picture of the kong washing below, you'll notice 2 not even close to kong looking treat dispensers.

         They're made by West Paw and I have to admit, I like them more than the Kongs.  For one thing, they're dishwasher safe.  (The Kongs fade in color, and I've had to throw a few out over the years when they get gewey in the dishwasher.)  They also come with a guarantee that if your dog demolishes it, they'll replace it!  They bounce and float (if you're dogs into water, Annie and Paul only like it in their water dishes) and come in 4 different colors.
     I usually put a Milk Bone in the bottom and peanut butter on top.  It's defiantly easier to do it with a spatula (lets face it, I'm such a dork in the kitchen that I even buy certain spatulas to use just for the dogs stuff.)  Over spring break, I took the time to blend together yogurt, peanut butter, cream cheese, canned pumpkin, and apple sauce to last a week and freeze inside of the tuxes that we've got already.  I think Annie and Paul will be ok when I go back to work at the end of the week!

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