Monday, April 15, 2013

Meet Lola

     A few months ago, I wrote a good by to Cooper.  Fast forward a few months, and Foster, the basset beagle mix (aka, a bagel) has been missing his friends.  It's no fun to go from a pack of 3 to only child status in the course of a year.
     One day, when his Mom went to the store to get him treats to cheer him up, they were holding an adoption event.  Into her lap lept Lola.
      Lola's a little under a year old and still has boundless energy.  Annie tried lending Lola her Thundershirt to see if it would help at all.  While Lola looks the same size as Annie, Annie's got a few pounds on Lola.  The end result is an over sized TS.  
We went on a walk a few nights ago so every one could hang out.  It was nice to see all 4 friends getting along.  But we discovered that she gives lots of hugs and good kisses.

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