Monday, April 29, 2013

Dognomics: the Comparative Advantage

     We've written before about comparative advantage [here].  In other words, why dogs are the best things in the world.  Last time, we talked about how well they snuggle.  This time, I'd like to talk about how they're better than kids.  (Please note: This is being written in a joking manner (sort of).)

     If you've read Friday's post, you realize I'm a public school teacher.  I love my students.  Each and every one of them, even when they're driving me NUTS.  However, about once a day, some one does something that my first thought is, "This is why I have dogs."

   I've shocked and created speechless kids when I tell them, "I'm not like this at home."  They simply can't fathom what I'm like on my own time.   While yes, I realize I'm one of 2 people that can be held accountable for A&P's actions, I'm never worried when curse words fly from my lips, I have a glass of an adult beverage with dinner, or what I wear in public with them.  

     I went to go on a bike ride by myself after school a few weeks ago.  The kids left for the day and I ran down the hall to change into bike shorts, quick dry shorts over top (Zipper pockets and concealing my butt in bike shorts), long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, sweat shirt, striped wool knee socks, and tennis shoes.  I know I was soooo styling.  
     And then, I heard kids near by.  I made the quickest exit I could out a side door.  While there are many things I'm willing to have the kids see me say or do, my styling outfit wasn't one of them.

     But, this is one of the reason's I love A&P, they don't care what I'm wearing.  I got home, and we went for a walk, picked up poo, and sat down for dinner.  Never once did any of them roll their eyes at my stunning outfit.  Nor did either of they say anything rude when I changed into my favorite blogging attire an hour latter.


  1. I so hear you.

  2. Completely understand about the students.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was just thinking this same thing on the walk this morning. It's super misty so I put my hood up (paired with my polka dot pajama bottoms) and I just knew folks in their homes were like 'what the hell is she wearing' and yet Melvin and Jake DON'T CARE!!! Love it!