Friday, February 22, 2013

Cleaning after the stomach bug: washing the kongs

     Like I said on Monday, Paul had the stomach bug last week.  Plenty of fresh water, bland diet, and cleaning of everything to within an inch of it's life seemed to be the tune of my week (kill the germs!)  The first thing to get washed well were the kongs.  Many different blogs have lots of different ideas on how to fill a kong, but I've never seen a post on how to clean them.  So here goes:

Step 1: Collect all of the kongs in your house and scrape out any left over peanut butter or other things from the bottom of the kong.  Then put them into a large bowl with a mixture of hot water, bleach, and dish soap.  We have 2 standard Kongs, 2 little ones that look like squires, and 2 from West Paw called Tux.  (They float though)

Step 2: Let them soak over night in said solution.  (Notice the bleck stuff that's starting to come off of them).

Take a look at the water the next day:

Step 3: Take all of the kongs and put them on the top rack of the dishwasher.  I set mine to Sanitize setting for this occasion.  The down side: depending on how old your kongs are, they can get gewy in the dishwasher (I've had to pitch 2 kongs in 5 years with this method).  

The colors are a bit off when you pull them out, but I've noticed after a week of peanut butter in them, the color seems to come back no problem.  

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