Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break: Annie's View

     I enjoy spring break with Mom.  She spent the first day walking around the house collecting all the soft spots to lay on and she washed them.  It’s not soo bad, the house doesn’t smell as much of Paul now. 

    I spend most of my days chilling on the couch watching the neighborhood and enjoying naps (I love naps!) 

    She took us to the mall the other night.  And we got to walk around a lot!  We did 2 laps with our friends Foster and Lola!  Lola’s still a puppy (she’s only a year old) but it was nice to have another girl on the walk.  She’s tall like me, so while our brothers are closer to the ground, we get first dibs on the treats!!  She’s like me where she just wants to play all the time.  

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