Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break: Day 1

      I must admit, my brother will read this post and comment how I'm just like my mother.  I'm taking the short vacation I have and cleaning.
2 loads down 15 more to go!
     When I read Yellow Brick Home, Two Pitties, Oh Melvin, or any other blog, I get nervous picturing our home.  It'm not living in a dilapidated house, but I'm defiantly not a great house keeper.  Our corners are a mixture of cobwebs and dog hair.  Most of the rooms smell like Annie and Paul, and stuff is everywhere.  (Oh boy, do I need to do a yard sale!)
NO!  Mommy, don't sell the yard!
     Hahahaha.....that brings me to the next point of cleaning: the yard!  While the Hubbs grew up where very few things grow (And when they grow, you leave them alone and be thankful for something that grows there!)  So the yard needs to be tended to, grass should be cut, dog poo from the winter months needs to be picked up, and flowers need to be planted.  (Welcome Spring!!)
Perhaps something to sniff in the yard for Annie.
     Paul, in all of this, is following me room to room constantly trying to figure out, "What way will mom go next?"  Presently he's happy that I've sat down long enough to blog that he's found a nice soft place to chillax.  (Please ignore the load of laundry in the background)

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  1. My pup does that frustrated following me from room to room thing too, like "Would you just pick a spot and sit down already so we can relax?!"

    Guess they appreciate blogging time since it makes us stay still for a little while ;)