Saturday, November 10, 2012

Farewell sweet Cooper

     Among our many friends when we visit the Dog Mall, are Cooper, Foster, and Snowball.  We met their Vrouwtje (Mom Jeanine) and Baasje (Dad Chris) at Stoney Point Fashion Park a few years ago.  Jeanine and Chris would have a table with the computers out.  Cooper and Foster would chill out and greet each person and dog that past; Snowball sitting in her red wagon.  

Photo by Chris and Jeanine

     Last year, they said good by to Snowball after her long battle with cancer.  A few short months later, Cooper was diagnosed with cancer.  They've battled it for over a year with chemo.

     Tonight, Jeanine and Chris said farewell to Cooper.  Have a safe trip to the Rainbow Bridge Cooper, find Snowball and enjoy playing with her.  And always remember, you're a good, sweet boy.


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