Monday, January 21, 2013

Where the Bread Was

I've written before about Annie stealing cheese.  With her overall height, she's stollen soo many things from the counter top over the years, I can't keep track any more.

No Mom, I wasn't just in the kitchen eating food from the counter top.
This morning, the hubbs and I woke up, took A&P out for a short walk in the yard to do their business, and hopped into the car for a quick oil change.  When we came back, we threw leashes on them and went for a walk.

We noticed something after the walk when we went into the spare room.  On the dog bed under Paul's Cave, there seem to be crumbs.  I know when we left for the oil change, I put 2 milk bones each in the spare room.

But I doubt these are milk bone crumbs.  Something tells me Annie go to the hearty italian bread we had sitting on the counter.  Oh well, I'll just add it to the list.

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