Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Pups: When Mom's away, the pups won't play!

      Any time my schedule changes (summer ends and I go back to school, breaks end and I go back to school, the weekend, or we go away for a few days)  Annie and Paul go on a slight hunger strike.

There's food in the dishes, but no one's eating it.

They tend to either not eat at all, or only eat once a day.  Their Aunt Karen has been known to buy them chicken stock and hand feed them when Mom and Dad are out of town.

Vintage Annie and Paul (I think we had only had Paul for a month in this picture. )

I took a total of 3 days to run up to Pittsburg, PA for the holiday and left The Hubbs with Annie and Paul.  Even with the hubbs at home, Annie and Paul only ate once a day.  They did however, get a bit spoiled with bully sticks!

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