Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Fight for the Bully Sticks

Most times when we give the dogs a bully stick, it ends up like this:

Annie gets both bully sticks and takes her time eating both, while Paul doesn't eat either and pouts about it.  (We usually give Paul a 2nd bully stick so he does get to eat one at some point.)

The other day though, I couldn't help but laugh.  I gave Paul and Annie each a bully stick, grabbed my laptop to get some work done, and headed to the living room.  A few moments later, I heard something light hit the ground (nothing new in the world of noises with 2 dogs) and Annie came out to the living room wining at me.  She was walking fine, so I took it as general complaining about something.  I got up and started to follow her. When I got to the back living room, this is what I found:

It may be hard to see in the picture, but you'll notice Paul has 1 bully stick between his paws, and a 2nd bully stick to the left of him.  Annie, had none!


  1. I know that sound or look - sometimes it involves even a toy that is just laying on the floor - one that Shiloh had been playing with but then he tires of it but doesn't move away from. Then The Diva Shasta at first acts too scared to walk up and take it - she will lay on the floor, a foot or two away and just bark at him. Or even when The Diva Shasta is laying in the same spot that Shiloh wants - he will come to me, whining about it - sibling rivalry, canine style.
    Mom Kim

  2. He finally stood up for himself! We know bossy females...