Sunday, January 13, 2013


     Among the many friends Annie and Paul have, is Stella.  I can "hear" Annie and Paul's voices, but I don't hear most other dogs voices.  When Annie and Stella see each other, I can hear both of their voices loud and clear.  (Think 2 junior high girls talking and texting a mile a minute, and you have the voices.)  Stella is a very lively and bubbly dog who loves everyone and who everyone loves.

Photo by Wolfgang Jasper Photography

     Sadly, Stella passed away Saturday morning.  Her family's normal morning walk took a turn for the worst and no one knows what happened.  Ten minutes later, she was gone.  There's a lot of hurt going on right now for Stella's Mom, Dad, and brother Rosco.  And all we can do is send our good thoughts to them for healing.  
     Farewell Stella, have a safe trip to the Rainbow Bridge.  And remember, you're a good girl.

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