Friday, October 5, 2012

Paul v. Screen

     I know I've talked about things that Paul eats before.  The latest thing has been the screen from our front windows.  Last night, as we're lying in bed with Hop Along Annie, I heard Paul growling at something outside.  And a noise I can't describe.  When I went to check on him in the living room, this is what I found.
     Clearly, this is the "after" picture.  As in after I removed the frame from the window and removed the screen from the frame.  I'm still not sure what Paul thought he was going to chase outside the house, but man oh man, did he want to get to it.  I spent the next half hour cutting and putting the new screen into the window (Paul's gone through the screen before a few years ago, so I still had the rest of a roll of screen inside out coat closet.  There's more left for the next time Paul does something like this.)
     I put the screen frame back into the window, took A&P outside for the last pee of the night, and put them to bed with some peanut butter muffins.
     Does anyone else's pups give them pre-bed time activities like this?
     Looking at the pic on the right, I think Paul knew I wasn't happy with him at that moment.  (I must confess, I gave him "the look" when I realized he ate through the screen like that.  Thankfully with Paul, the look is really all I needed to do to convey my displeasure with this.)

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