Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things that Paul Eats

Paul is a stress eater, plain and simple.  When he's nervous about something, he likes to chew on things: his leash; window sills; furniture; or the car seatbelt.  Like I've said before, the boy likes to eat whatever he can get his jaws around.
The trick is to keep him interested in something that doesn't stress him out, have Annie with him, and keep him in an area he's used to.  And keep your fingers crossed.
Luckily, for when we can't do all of the above, we've discovered Lupine.  Paul has eaten over 40 leashes, 2 collars, and 2 harnesses.  Lupine guarantees their product even if your dog eats it.  And to help keep their business model in good shape, we purchase at least 1 new leash and collar set each year for the dogs (so far we've bought over 10 sets).  And we've taken the old collars and donated them to the local animal shelter.

The above photo is somewhere in the 30's of Paul's chewed leashes.  These ones were chewed when Annie and Paul's Aunt Karen (person, not dog) ran outside to let her beagle go to the bathroom real quick.  She left the leashes on Annie and Paul and came back in to this.  Even when we've got our fingers crossed, he still eats through the leashes.    

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