Monday, October 22, 2012

From the Dog Mall

    This past weekend was the Howl-o-ween weekend at the dog mall.  (The actual name of the dog mall by the way is Stony Point Fashion Park.)  We've gone now for 5 years and it's gotten bigger each year.  There's a master list of who's handing out treats and the dogs (with their families in tow) walk the mall to collect their treats.  We don't go in for the contest, just the chance to socialize Annie and Paul a bit more.  

     There were so many dogs with such interesting costumes.  The dogs in the above picture who are wearing the military uniform and the red skirt are supposed to be husband and wife (husband deployed and wife waiting for him to come home).  The bumble bee was part of a group of 3 english bull dogs and the bottom picture is supposed to be a puppy chilling next to a dog statue.  

     The 2 pups at the top were part of a trio: the one on the left is a zombie and the one on the right is a mummy.  The bottom pup is a mail man.  

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