Monday, October 1, 2012

Hop along Annie

     Annie's favorite game when we go out is chase.  She's not interested in toys or balls; it's us.  We run, she jumps stops, twists, turns, all the while trying to catch us.  And like any kid, she sometimes twists her ankles.
    Last night was once such night.  While chasing the Hubbs, Annie twisted her front left paw enough that we carried her home.  A baby aspirin, some peanut butter, vet wrap and a baby sock over the vet rap to keep her from chewing it off was how Annie spent her night.

We lifted her off of any furniture she insisted on jumping onto and did her walk the next morning through the yard.  With in 24 hours of twisting her paw, she was right as rain.  We still won't let her play chase us again for a few days, and we keep an eye out for her limping during the walk.  However, it's always nice to see her ok in such a short time.

Somehow Annie stayed still for all 3 of these pics.

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