Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy (sitting, waiting, and wishing)

     We've both gotten word that our schools are closed tomorrow in anticipation of Sandy's wind and rain wreaking havoc for the Richmond, VA area.  So now we're just sitting here finishing up lesson plans (me), grading (both), and mid terms (Hubbs).  Waiting to see what Sandy does and wishing everyone out there in the Bloguspher (sp?) safety during and after Sandy.

Chocolate Croissants are a basic survival food for storms, right? 
     Our oven and stove top are both gas powered, so we've got plans to live on spaghetti and Coka-Cola during the storm.   Once I looked at the weather maps, we decided that evacuating to Pittsburgh was out of the picture.  I just talked to my mom an hour ago, and they've had 24 hours of rain with some wind so far.  In comparison, we've had wind, but only some drizzle.
     Annie and Paul have taken turns stretched out on our bed watching out the windows to see what's coming next.  We're still packed incase we have to evacuate, but at the moment I don't know where that would be to.  (Our house has a 1 foot crawl space underneath, and we're higher than our cars are on the street.) Stay safe everyone in Blogville!  

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