Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Day!

     Ok, this mornings lesson: while trying to shake the dust out of your stockings, don't wave them back and forth in front of Paul.  He thinks it's a game and "catches" them with his teeth, thus putting a hole in the stockings.  Oh well, happy last day of school for summer!  (Our 5th Graders will be promoted to the middle school today, so I need to be dressed up for running all of the AV equipment in front of parents and grandparents.  Blue Jeans are in my book bag for later :-D ) 


  1. It was our last day too! What a long week, but excited for summer to finally start.

  2. My last day of kids was today and the last day for teachers is tomorrow. A&P will be coming in with me tomorrow to meet and see where I go each day.