Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Clean Plate Club

     Remember growing up and being told you couldn't leave the table until your plate was clean?  Well, Annie and Paul are creating this club all on their own.  Let me explain.
     With the last week of school, I had gone back to kibble for the simplicity of it.  I've got 2 scoops in the food bin that are 1 cup each, A&P each get 1 cup and I'm out the door, or half asleep (or both).  And I don't have to worry about feeding them majorly.  Back came Annie's red bumps, and both needed their ears cleaned out by Sunday.  And with the start of summer vacation, we went back to the raw diet.
     So last night, I made A&P boiled chicken (just water and chicken on the stove) and added in rice, apple sauce, and canned pumpkin.  I grabbed their food dishes and divvied up the food to the tune of 2 dancing pups on hardwood floors.  They sprinted down the hallway, almost knocking me and the food over and sat for their food dishes.   Then, they inhaled everything in the food dish and I heard the metal clang of clean dishes.
     About an hour later, while I ran across the street, the hubs said he heard an odd noise.  He looked into the pups room where the noise was coming from, and discovered Paul was still licking at his food dish, an hour after I fed him.  He was trying to find any of the yummy food left in there.  Well, I had to make him and Annie a good night nosh just in case they were still hungry.  So scrambled eggs and rice worked for a 2nd dinner of sorts.  Another meal gobbled down in 2 minutes.

     I'll add video later today when I can get all of it to work.

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  1. It does sound good enough for us to eat ourselves! We were doing only Sojos and raw for awhile, but we had to go back to the canned Natural Balance because it seems so much like real food and something we would eat ourselves.