Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Paul looking at the table he's about to tip over. (It fell on the grass, not him.)

Annie being afraid of the camera (why, I don't know.).

"I is a good boy, Mommy!?" Yes, Paul, you are a good boy.

"Ok Mom, I'll let you take my picture, finally." 
     With the begining of summer comes more time to take the pups places.  Any time I've got to walk Annie and Paul by myself, I prefer to take them to the "dog mall."  It's an outdoor shopping mall that allows you to take your pets into many of the stores.  The realy nice thing is walking here on supper hot summer days.  A mile long walk can take you into and out of stores and therefore in and out of the air conditioning.  Here are a few shots from our last trip to the mall.   

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  1. So great getting out and about! I love seeing what people do with their pets in other locations!