Monday, June 18, 2012

First Day of Summer

     I took Annie and Paul into school with me for my last day of school.  For anyone who isn't a teacher or who isn't married to a teacher, the last day of school for teachers is usually a day or 2 after the students last day.  It's the teachers chance to get the room cleaned up, stuff put away, teachers desks cleaned out, computer files that can be tossed get tossed and all of the paperwork that needs to be caught up with gets caught up.
     Paul's first action was to walk into my room, wait for the door to close and his leash to come off and started running laps around the island in the middle of my room.  (9 computers and 2 printers sit on this island, so it's a good size to do laps around).  I crawled around the floor tucking in loose cords and cables and watching Paul and Annie go into chase and play modes.
     Thankfully, anyone who needed computer help on the last day was a dog friendly person.  In fact, one of my friends walked in and asked A&P, "Ok, whose going to pee on me?" Paul simply sat on one of her feet and drooled on the other foot while she petted him.  (Yea, progress for Paul!)
     Several other friends walked in just to pet A&P and talk for a bit before our summers began.  And 2 friends were fabulous enough to keep an eye on Annie and Paul while I ran off and did different things.  My colleague Paul (my present next door neighbor at school) was kind enough to hold their leashes while I pushed 2 laptop carts down the hallway.  (Each cart weighs as much as I do, so holding dogs and pushing carts wouldn't have been a great combination.)  And my former next door neighbor Michelle (now Kindergarten teacher and halfway down the hall) came in and watched them as I transferred her computer files around and ran into the office to drop off paperwork and grab dishes for water.  
     Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of any of the trip to school for Annie and Paul.  But I am a bit excited that the 2 people I work with who are named Anne and Paul did get to meet A&P.  

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