Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Dog Bed Collection

We've got several dog beds spread out around the house from all sorts of places.  Honestly, Annie and Paul are allowed to sit where ever they'd like because they're in the house more than we are (think about it, we go to work, they stay home)  So we've amassed a collection of dog beds that are everywhere for them to sleep on.

     Let's start in their room.  We have 3 different places for them to sleep.  On the far right edge, you can see the full sized mattress and box spring with a gray fitted sheet.  Then there's the supper thick dog bed that I re-covered and the thiner dog bed that was on sale.  Behind both of these and against the wall, there are 2 pillow cases that I stuffed with stuffing from a craft store and sewed them closed.  And that's just the beginning.

I know the quality of this picture is rotten, but you've got the idea.  The IKEA couch is fair game.  The slip covers come off and are easily washed.  Next time I choose slip covers however, I'm going for a more dog friendly color (thinking gray).  The black shows white and brown dog hair like crazy.  

Any time we're home and not sleeping, our bed is fair game.  Annie and Paul have spent a number of hours curled up sleeping, bugging me as I type, or just watching the world go by out the front window of our room from our bed.  We tried sleeping in the bed with them when we first adopted them, but after a week of me in bed with A&P and the Hubbs moving to the couch at 3 am, we nixed that idea.

When Annie joined our family, I crafted a huge pillow to sit in this window since she liked to sit in this window and look out.  Paul ate it the first week he lived with us.  Even though I don't craft as much as I'd like, any fabric, yarn, stuffing, or anything else I need to store is tossed into these large storage bins. I made the pillow on top of here for Annie and Paul to sit on when they look at the back yard and bark at the cats and squirrels.  

After several years of looking at Ms. M and Mr. B's Molly Mutt beds, we splurged this winter and bought one each for Annie and Paul.  Mr. Roboto is on the left and sits in the living room next to my desk.  Paul's other bed had been replaced in his cave by the title track.  

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