Monday, November 19, 2012

Talking to the Dogs: Economic theory

     When I saw the post the other day from 2 Pitties in the City, I realized how much the Hubbs and I talk to Annie and Paul.  The Hubbs is in a graduate program for Economics, what I understand about Economics, you could fit on the back of a postage stamp (if you could find a postage stamp, but that's another conversation for another day.)  So, often, Economic theroy is discussed with Annie.
     Annie and the Hubbs walk together (she is such a Daddy's Girl) and when she decides to do something, the Hubbs starts in with Economic theory.
Annie: *Sniffs at old bone on ground*
Hubbs: "Annie, are the marginal benefits greater than the marginal costs?"
Annie: *Starts to pick up bone off of ground.*
Hubbs: "Annie, No!"  *Reaches into Annie's mouth and pulls out the bone*
Annie: *Gives sad puppy eyes to Daddy*
Hubbs: "Annie, the marginal cost is my hand in your mouth pulling out the bone.  The marginal benefit is the bone in your mouth for 3 seconds.  The marginal benefit isn't worth the marginal cost!"
Annie: *Gives sad puppy eyes to Daddy*
Hubbs: *in high pitched voice meant to be Annie speaking* "But you didn't let me taste it long enough to know if it was worth it."
Hubbs: *In normal voice* Annie, but the bone is old and doesn't have any meat on it, plus it will make you throw up at home.
Thus ends a lesson of Dognomics.......

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