Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Annie Says: Mean, Evil Mom

     The Annie would like to inform everyone that her Mom is Mean and Evil.  Why does she say this?  Mom is Mean because she made The Annie put on a Coat!

     The Annie would like to state that mom is Evil because she didn't bring any Cheese with her on the walk this evening when she made The Annie put on a coat!

     And to prove once and for all that Mom is really Mean and Evil to The Annie, Look at the coat my brother is wearing!  It's the same one!  And he's happy about it!!!!!

Look what Mommy put on me!  Aren't I handsome?

*Annie's mom would like to state just for the record that I'm also Evil and Mean to the kids at school.  I make them put on their coats when we're waiting for their busses to show up in the cold rain.*


  1. I love their coats! Where did you buy them? So hard to find coats in Lucy's size.

    They are so cute :)

  2. Do they have matching twins? I want to see how they match!

  3. I snagged their matching coats 2 summers ago during a summer clearance event REI was having. We had lots of snow the winter before, so I thought we should be prepared. Murphy's law took effect however, once I bought the coats, we didn't get snow at all last winter. (Annie's is a large and Paul's is a medium.)