Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No Baths!

     Thanksgiving is an interesting holiday for the Hubbs and I.  It's the holiday when most people look at us like we're nuts because we're not up to our eyes in travel and family.  Last year, we repainted and rewired the electrical sockets in the living room.  This year: retiling the bathtub!

    See that large rectangle of duct tape behind Paul in the bath tub?  It's going away!  As we bring all of the tile down, put up new board behind the tub, and retile.  Thanksgiving dinner will be Moussaka from the Greek food festival a few weeks ago (they were selling it frozen to store and bake at Thanksgiving Day, sounds like a plan to me!).
     If Annie and Paul understood me singing to them, "No baths, no baths, no baths soon!" I'm sure they'd be spinning in circles of shear joy!  Part of the reason we're doing this over Thanksgiving break is because we both have 4 days off from school and not really anywhere to be.  So if we don't shower for a day or 2 as we retile, whose going to know (it's not like you can smell me out there in Blog land!)
   So Blog land, the next time you hear from us, hopefully we'll have a little less duct tape in our lives!

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