Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dog Cookies

     Today's blog post, I've kind of worked on for a while, but I don't have any pics to go with it.  So you get random pics of Annie and Paul tossed in for fun.  Lets face it, part of the joy of reading a dog blog is the pictures of the dogs.
Picture from our friend Ann P!
     Many of you in Blogville don't know that I bake cookies when I get stressed.  It's a bit like Julie says in Julie and Julia about how after a bad day there's something comforting about knowing that certain ingredients mixed together will always make a specific thing.  Unfortunately, as a public school teacher, if I baked and ate human food each time I got stressed, I'd weigh twice what I should weigh in a week.

     So as a result, I make cookies for Annie and Paul.  And at different holidays, I've baked for my friends dogs as well.  Many of the stores at the dog mall we go to are kind enough to stock dog treats and feed and love on Annie and Paul when we go in even if I don't purchase anything from that store.  So back at Halloween, I made bags of dog treats for those stores for the employees to take home to their pups.  And something funny (to me at least) happened.  People started to ask about how to get more dog treats and offering to pay for them.
     In December, the Hubbs and I took a trip to Chicago and got to meet A & E and Ms. M and Mr. B from Two Pitties in the City.  As a thank you present for their hospitality, I sent a few dog treats and a few people treats after the New Year.   I was totally geeked out when I looked at their Facebook page a few weeks later and found this post!  

     One of the store owners at the dog mall started asking seriously about how to buy the dog treats for clients who came in with their dogs to be photographed.  Fast forward a few months, I've started trying to sell dog treats on Etsy and at the local farmers market.

     Slowly but surely, I'm picking up bits and pieces of business.  But if anyone out there in Blogville wants any, please give a shout!

PS-I'm slowly joining in on the 21st Century and we now have a facebook page!  Feel free to stop by!

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  1. Our pooches absolutely loved the treats! It's great knowing that they are made from natural ingredients, plus they were super-cute! Keep us updated!