Friday, July 13, 2012


Last week, I posted about the 100* heat we were having, but thankfully, it's gotten cooler this week.  Cool enough that we slept with our windows open and the fans on last night.  Fresh air!
     The past 2 mornings, I've gotten up and baked dog cookies until noon when it finally heated up enough to close the windows and put on the AC.  This morning, I was waiting at the door for Annie and Paul to go for their morning walk.  There was Paul tap dancing all over the place, but no Annie, not even when called for.  I walked around the door to the kitchen just in time to hear a set of paws land on the floor.  I counted the mini muffins and came up with 23 where there should have been 24.
Who me?  No Mom, I didn't steal a treat from the cooling racks.

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