Friday, July 6, 2012

100 Degrees Again?!?!

     Ok, someone please tell Mother Nature that this is not what I had in mind when I said summer heat. For us, it's been over 100 each day for the past week.  I'm over it, and so are Annie and Paul.  Most of our days are spent laying around the house trying to stay cool while not over running our AC unit.

    On Monday, we're supposed to have a slow moving cold front come through on Monday, cooler weather will soon be here and I'll have happy pups again. 


  1. Your weather soundz like the weather we Beaglebratz iz havin'MOTHER NATURE WE ARE TIRED OF IT TUE! Yep - the weather guy on that big talky box (don't know how he gitz in there) sez we MITE git sum rain tomorrow nite - butt we also haf cooler weather movin'our way next week - we will beleeve it when we feel it.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  2. Hehehehe.......yep, we're supposed to get a huge cool down on Monday with rain. I'm already planning on getting up early to bake every day next week! Annie and Paul's tummies will be happy!