Friday, July 27, 2012

Crating: Our Version

     When we first got Annie, we crated her.  (She peed on our, then carpeted floor, within 5 minutes of coming home with us).  We had the crate in our room and she slept there at night but I'd leave her out when I went out during the day.  Over time, things got destroyed mostly because she was board.

     We discovered almost immediately that Paul wasn't a fan of the crate.  While he'd go into it nicely for Hubbs, I'd have to follow Paul under the bed, drag him out and cary him to the crate.  We finally took the hint and just let the dogs hang out in the "guest" bedroom and crate them in there.  Paul was still crawling under the bed to hide from me going into the crate.

     Now, the crates are folded up and hidden in our back hallway by the washer and dryer.  When I go to leave the house, I just sit in their room and whistle for them.  They've learned that they get a peanut butter puzzle and the radio left on.  In comfortable weather (spring and fall 60-75 degree temperatures) they get the windows left open for fresh air.

     On a sadder note, it's happening again.  First Lennox, and now Wicca.  Please hug your pups a bit longer today.  You never know what will happen where you live, or where life may take you.


  1. From the mom - oh I wish I had a spare room I could put Shiloh'n Shasta in. Right now they are gated in the kitchen and because Shiloh will jump that gate (or cral out somehow), he is also in a crate which I HATE to do because I work all day. Shiloh would probably be ok with the run of the house but NOT Shasta. Maybe I should go back to keeping Shasta in the crate - she is a little smaller and let Shiloh have the house - I think I did that years ago when Shasta was younger. Actually, I just need a new house with a nice spare room. Paul'n Annie look so comfy on their bed.

  2. Have you tried putting up 2 baby gates, one on top of the other? I seem to remember a Diane Sawyer special yeeeaaars ago where she went to visit the Dilley Sextuplets when they were maybe 2 or 3. Mom had put up 1 baby gate to keep everyone in 1 place. They figured out how to climb over, so she went to 2, and then 3 (Shiloh would be amazing if he jumped 3!).