Monday, July 2, 2012

The Hubbs and the Pups

     When we first got Annie and Paul, my husband worked at a power plant and had all sorts of weird hours.  There were times we'd walk them together, but there were just as many times I walked them by myself.  When he was on night shift, they'd sleep in bed with me and I always knew they were there when I got home from school.  At one point, he had friends at work teasing him about, "who does your wife love more, you or the dogs?"  And then it happened.

     The hubbs fell off a ladder at work and broke his femur (this would be the thigh bone).  And during the recuperation period of 6 months, something happened.  Annie and Paul stopped being MY dogs and went to being OUR dogs.

     Over the 6 months it took for his femur to heal, he spent every day with the dogs.  At first, he couldn't do much other than pet them while sitting in the recliner.  And Paul was always nervous around him to begin with.
Before a party to celebrate the end of the football season, Hubbs dressed in AZ Cardinals colors.   Look how nervous Paul is.

     Now, Paul is still a bit nervous with the hubbs, but he's excited to see the hubbs when he gets home.  He walks nicely next to Hubbs on our daily walks, and he'll snuggle with the hubbs during the days time.

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