Friday, June 28, 2013

Thunder Shirts: Annie's version

     I've written before about Thundershirts [Here].  We love the pups thundershirts for anything that freaks them out, or as an added layer when it's cold out.  But the one thing that kind of drives me nuts is that both Annie and Paul's shirts are dark gray.  It's hard to figure out quickly who's shirt is who's.  In the interest of Annie no longer giving me the stink eye when I dress she and Paul the same, I decided to dye the shirt a dark purple.
Paul's got the shirt, his hat, his pack, and is happily ready to go!
Annie, because she's dressed like Paul gives me the stink eye and is less than thrilled.
     So I bought deep purple dye at JoAnn Fabric and craft (yea teacher discount!)  I followed the directions in how to prepare both the dye and the Thundershirt.

Honestly, I have to admit that I let this soak for 48 hours instead of the time it said on the package.  I also dyed Annie's hat while I was at it.  
   The color of her shirt turned out very well, I think.  Even a couple months after I did this, the purple is still bright on her shirt and it's much easier to toss the shirt on her now.  The hat, unfortunately, didn't turn out as well.  

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