Monday, June 10, 2013

Mom's Birthday!

     Today is Mom's Birthday!  She just says she's "old enough" and won't tell us her age!  One of her friends at work bought us/her a birthday present.  She put it up onto the back of the couch on Saturday and all of the dogs of the house left it alone.  The friend jumped into the shower this morning, and when she got out, her dog Goliath came in barking at her like something was wrong.  The friend ran out to the living room and found the bag of duck treats on the ground being eaten by her grand puppy.  BOL!!!

Here I am sniffing for the puppy treats I smell in here!

     Mom said she's just excited the coffee mug (Mom's no fun without her coffee!) didn't break!  Thank you very much Mrs. H for the thought of the treats!  We got bully sticks, so it's ok that your grand puppy ate the rest of the duck!  Annie does that all the time to Mom and Dad with their dinner!

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