Friday, June 7, 2013

ABC's of Blogs: A, B, & C

A couple of weeks ago (ok, like a month ago) I posted about wanting to do an ABC's of blogs.  This isn't the be all and end all of a blogging list, not by any means.  However, these are some of the blogs that I read on a weekly basis.  They are the ones I read when I'm frustrated, in need of brain candy (light hearted reading), or need advice.  They are also my "I wish I could do that" thing sometimes.  They've also been fabulous reference points when working on my own blog, and useful to point out to others when doing things.  So with out further ado, I give you A-C.  (You didn't honestly think I'd do all 26 letters at once, did you?)

      The joy of this project and Annie's name starting with the letter A.  (And, hey, if you can't put yourself first at something, what's the point?(joking))  I cronical the semi daily lives of our 2 rescued dogs Annie and Paul.  We don't do much and we don't go far, but welcome to a little window on my family.  This blog is just over a year old and is updated about 3 times a week.  Monday's are usually dognomics where we link economic terms to things with the dogs (our own twist on Planet Money meets Freekanomics meets the world of dog lovers) We've got a small following (6 people at the beginning of this ABC blog project). 

Icon from "A Thrifty Mom"

     This is one of those blogs I can't even remember how I found it and started reading it.  She's a stay at home mom who lives on a dairy farm (ok, so not so much stay at home, since home is where the work is) with 4 kids.  Needless to say, pennies get pinched.  Her de-stresser is finding deals and posting them online.  I've also found really yummy recipes here (since, I'm not the most inventive cook.)  There's a menu down the left hand side to find what you're looking for.


Icon from Badrap
     Living this close to Richmond, VA, I remember when the Michael Vick trial happened.  And I remember hearing the news story of the group from California who came out and rescued the dogs.  With adopting Paul soon after, I couldn't help but fall in love and follow these amazing people.  

Chango the Handsome Pittie
Photo curtousy of Chango the Handsome Pittie and his Mom.

     Good things come in small packages, is the perfect thing to say about this micro blog.  Chango's family only posts on Facebook, so the link takes you to his facebook page.  Because of the small number of characters you can see in a FB post, that's what makes it a micro blog.  There are daily posts featuring all sorts of cool costumes and news from the world of Chango in Chicago.  

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  1. Love this feature! I'm always looking for new blogs to read.

    Hoping I get featured when you get to "O" ;)