Friday, June 21, 2013

More from the Dog Mall

     I took Annie and Paul on their 3rd trip to the dog mall this week.  Like I said before, it's my favorite place to walk them when the hubbs can't help.  Yesterday, he went up to make a food drop in DC, and didn't get home until late.  So off to the dog mall we went.

     It always starts off with a trip to 3 Dog Bakery to visit with our friends, score some carrot cake, and stretch out on the cold tile floor.
     After that, I've discovered that I need to walk them for a bit to take the edge off before we go into other stores.  So we walk about a third of a lap; just far enough to let them do their business, meet some other pups, and eat some grass.
     Most of the stores stock dog treats for any visiting pups that come in, this is how we stumbled upon Cache.  We walk in, Annie and Paul get treats, pets from the staff, and Paul stretches out on the cold tile floor

     After Cashe, the next stop is typically Yankee Candles.  I know many people who get migraines as soon as they walk into Yankee Candle because of all of the smells.  Perhaps this is the same reason Paul and Annie love it.  They walk in, head to the side of the counter to be petted, and walk out.  All without nocking over any of the displays or sniffing anything too closely.  

     The turn around seems to use 2 different stores.  One is Wolfgang Jaspers, the talented photographer who took our family photos.
Photo by a person named Ann P.
     The other is Lens Crafters.  Every once in a while, the Hubbs glasses break.  We tend to get his glasses from Lens Crafters because they're easy for us to get to for a quick fix.  Annie and Paul have now been inside the store enough times, they think it's part of the dog walking ritual.  It's really not, but they're really good with having them in the store, and Annie and Paul are pretty chilled out when they go in.


  1. Sounds like trips to the dog mall are a great way to get the pups physical and mental stimulation at the same time!

  2. They defiantly are! It's about a mile to walk the interior of the mall and there are lots of things to distract them. The good news is that all pups are leashed, so if something doesn't go well, it's easier to maintain some form of control over some of it.