Monday, May 6, 2013

Too Many Bully Sticks: Our first give away

     A little over a year ago, we started this blog.  There's already been 1 hiatus, but generally we've blogged Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.   In honor of the one year anniversary (tomorrow!), we're doing our first give away!

A give away!?  What are you giving away?
    No, we're not giving away an Annie or a Paul, but something they hold dear and near to their tummies:  Bully Sticks!

     We've written before about Best Bully Sticks from Richmond, VA.  However, I may have gone a bit overboard on our order.  I set up the auto replenishment of best bully sticks to every 3 months.  They showed up a week ago while we still had 70 some bully sticks from our last order.  (Whoopppss!)

So, here's how this is going to go:
The prize: 10 Bully sticks from best bully stick (what we ordered
How to enter:  Comment below (additional entry, share this post on facebook or twitter then stop back and leave an additional comment that you shared it.) 
Close date: We'll close the contest on Friday, April 10, 2013 at 5:00pm EST.  
Small print: Open only to US residents (sorry, I just don't know what all I'd have to do to deal with customs) 
I'll have pick the random number and count from the top of the comment section to the bottom and that'll be the winner.  


  1. Lola is applying. Foster, too, but Lola goes through these like... water :).

  2. Rudy would love to try one of these :)

  3. Great giveaway! My beagle mix, Lily, would be over the moon to win this :)

  4. Happy one year blog-a-versary!!!!

  5. Shared on twitter (@katielilah)-- Lily's crossing her paws that we win!