Friday, May 3, 2013

Annie Itches: the Ahha! Moment

      When I started this blog, almost a year ago, one of the things I commented on was that Annie itches.  We were just coming out of the winter of 2011-12 where it was really mild.  Annie had been itching for over a year straight.  We had tried several different foods, switched to raw, switched back to no grain dry kibble.  Nothing seemed to help.
I'm itchy, so I'm getting a bath.  Woe is me.

     And then, this past winter, I had my "AHHA!!!"  moment.  We finally got snow.  Not enough to cancel school, but enough that we had snow (about an inch).  We took Annie and Paul on a walk like we always do, and it dawned on me at the end of the walk: Annie's not itching.
Cold paws, but not itching!

     And it suddenly didn't matter that we were feeding Annie all sorts of stuff with wheat in it Milk Bone any one?), she wasn't scratching at all.  Her ears weren't full of brown ear wax, and she was generally happier.

     Now that spring is here in VA, we're back to an itchy Anne.  Back to the Benadryl, but at least now we have a clue as to what's causing Annie to itch.

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  1. Melvin's slow down on itching occurs just after the first frost (although his food allergies of course continue). Washing their bedding regularly helps a ton too! Poor Annie, glad it's let up some!